Obykhody – Zip code

Obykhody – date postcode Branch UkrPost.

Zip code Obykhody.

Obykhody – Zip code.

Number postcode corresponds to the post office Obykhody in Korostenskyi, Zhytomyrska, Ukraine.

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Postal codes of the endpoint of post offices and serve for faster and more accurate delivery of mail recipients.

Phone code Obykhody — 4142

Help Obykhody — (41) 9910911

To enter the long-distance call you need to dial 0.
Further, the area code Обиходы, then the seven-digit phone number.

If the number of the post office Obykhody, Korostenskyi, Zhytomyrska changed, or want to share feedback on the work of the post office, let visitors in the comments below.

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